Sunday, October 17, 2010

4 Week Old Lucas!

 Hayes Family October 2010

 Lucas is actually LOVING being in the pack with Juliebelle.

4 weeks old...what a handsome boy.

We have officially arrived at the four week mark with Lucas!  Too bad I can't report he's sleeping through the night...that will have to wait for another posting time.

I can report though, we are all doing well.  Halloween is upon us and the kids are getting SO excited.  Lauren is going to be a "Punk Rocker Horse."  Yeah, what's that supposed to be?  Same question I had.  I guess she's wearing her horse costume, but with some serious makeup applied by her older sister.  Hey, I agreed and now Lauren's happy, that's all I care about these days.  Juliebelle is going to be a Punk Rocker.  She is looking forward to the green hair and gobs of funky makeup.  Thank the Lord it will all wash out of her hair and off of her face.  Now, on to Anthony.  As you know, the more gruesome, scary, and gross you can get is what he's aiming for.  Monster with blood, aliens with scary hands and eyes, or even a scary man with his heart beating out of his chest are the options he's coming up with.  What ever happened to the good ol' days of Superman, Cowboys and Indians, or even The Incredible Hulk?  Oh well, those days are long gone with a soon to be 10 year old.  At least I still have Lucas under my belt for the next 10 years.  I can try and save his innocence for the time being.  

Now, there's another issue brewing...all of the Halloween candy!!  Ugh, what's a mother who just had a baby and needs to lose weight to do?!  I'll tell you what I need to do, then I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.  I need to have willpower and not eat a single piece of it.  What I will do is sit on the couch while I'm feeding Lucas and binge on Lauren's candy bucket.  I'm going to choose Lauren's bucket only for the fact that she won't notice when most of the candy's gone, where as Anthony and Juliebelle have every piece accounted for.  It'll be less of a fight if I go with Lauren's bucket.  I'd like to think I'm not the only mother out there with these trying issues.  :)

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