Friday, October 22, 2010

75 Cent Fun!

Getting ready to feed her "friends."
Making sure the bread is good enough.
Beautiful Kathryn Albertson's Park.

 One of her many "friends."
Did I say something funny Lauren?

Our Fall morning started out with a venture to the local bread store.  Our mission for the day was to have fun while the weather is still good.  
"Let's go feed the birdies and duckies Lauren," I said to her. 
"Okay, that would be the best fun ever," says Lauren.
A loaf of potato bread, 75 cents later, and a small drive to downtown Boise's best duck feeding park...Anne Morrison... and you have a recipe for a fun morning.

After the loaf of bread was dished out to the hungry birds and we missed a near attack from the VERY aggressive geese, we headed across the street to Kathryn Albertson's Park to enjoy the gorgeous fall colors.  I must say we live in a beautiful city.  Our drive back home was enjoyed by re-living our near miss of being attacked, sounds of ducks quacking, and how yummy the potato bread was.  The perfect end to our afternoon was when Lauren willingly went upstairs to take a nap without Mom having to make her.  God is indeed watching over us. :)

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  1. Not to be a stickler for spelling, BUT, it is actually ANN Morrison. Love you!