Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Linder Farm Adventure

A trip to the pumpkin patch always seems to get me into the spirit of Fall.  For the kids, it's the spirit of Halloween.

Linder Farms was the perfect location for the Hayes Family last night.  We arrived at the farm to a huge cloud of dust created by the other cars in the dust filled parking lot and by the numerous children dragging their feet in the dirt...our three included.  After the 10th time of telling (mixed with a ton of yelling at them too) them to STOP dragging their feet and making clouds around themselves, I finally gave up and allowed them to enjoy their dirt filled time.  We all had a wonderful time, yes, even my clean freak self included.  I realized the clothes can be washed, the faces scrubbed, and the boots banged off.  I wanted the kids to enjoy themselves and I put my OCD needs behind their more important needs.

The kids enjoyed the hayride out to the field of pumpkins.  We all searched for that perfect pumpkin in some trying light.  With the sun disappearing behind us, the kids all picked out their favorite orange pumpkin.  Lauren had several favorites throughout the field journey, Anthony was on a mission to find the largest pumpkin grown, Juliebelle was more interested in finding an itty bitty one for Lucas, Steve was playing the role of pointing out where the "good ones" were, and I was trying to not fall into the small canal ditches in the dark throughout the patch.  Needless to say, we gathered up our selections and headed back to the tractor to fetch a ride back to the front gate.  52 pounds of glorious orange pumpkins was the final verdict for us!

We passed the remainder of our time playing in the jump houses, staying warm by the roaring bonfire, burying one another in the corn pit, and kicking up more dust.  We headed home and guess where all of the kids went...yep, straight to the shower!  All in all, the evening was a success.  Lucas was the most well behaved of them all...he slept the entire time.  What a good boy he is.  :)

 Lauren with one of her many selections.
 Sturdy ol' tractor that took us out to the field.
 Juliebelle staying warm.
 Silly kids!!
 Lauren's turn to be buried.
Our Little Pumpkin sleeping away.


  1. We are glad that you guys are blogging! It is fun to see your pictures! It was so fun having you guys over,and it looks like Linder Farms is great! Love Lucas' hat...

  2. I totally LMAO at the OCD comments only because I can relate and have the same freakish obsession with cleanliness (God is punishing me by gifting me 3 sons).