Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Unforgotten Member

As families grow there can feel like moments, even hours or days, when members can feel left out or even forgotten.  We get wrapped up in our everyday activities, chores, and just plain life.  We've been told countless times before,
"Slow down and take inventory of your family, friends, and self.  Live in each moment for it will not have a chance to be repeated."

I'm talking about your children, your parents, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas.  I'm even talking about friends too.  But what I really want to focus on is our pets.

Pets take a backseat when our lives get hectic and unmanageable.  They quietly (well maybe a whimper or slight bark emerges) sit, watch, and wait while we go about our day.  They watch us throw the ball to our kids, watch us hold the baby oh so gently, watch us make a feast we sit down to eat, watch us cozy up on the couch to watch our favorite program.  They also watch how we can walk right past them without a pat on the head, a rub of the tummy, or even an outreached hand that waves at them.  I am guilty of ALL the above stated.

Lucas arrived and we collectively as a family, pushed our Beethoven aside while we tended to "more important things."  He has watched our every move through the glass window with those poor sad eyes of his.  We have recognized our fault in his sadness and are trying to make a better effort to make him "one of us" more frequently.  Including him in our morning and evening walks, coating his doggie treats with an extra dab of peanut butter, and more pats on his big ol' head is what this prince needs and is anticipating more of.  We thank Grandma Collie for her visits, and so does Beethoven.  For when she arrives, without fail, he gets two of the most delicious treats!

So in closing, I encourage you to spend more time with your Fido.  Remember how loving they really are.  Remember why you brought them into your family to begin with.  Let's not make them the forgotten member.

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