Saturday, November 13, 2010

8 Weeks Old

8 week old Lucas

Our Lucas is 8 weeks old today!  Wow how the time is flying.  I'm told that after this milestone "birthday", we need to refer to him as months old vs. weeks old. 
Lucas is doing very well.  He has had his moments where we've coined him "Mr. Cry Baby."  I'm really hoping he creeps out of that phrase and phase for our sanity.  Smiles are starting to creep up on his little face and he is starting to look more intensely at our faces.  Sleep is getting better...for Mom.  Stretches of 4-5 hours at night are SO welcoming and appreciated, so when I get them usually every other night, I'm a better woman for it that following day.  He is really a blessing and we love this boy so much.
Happy 8 weeks old Lucas!!

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  1. Such a Handsome boy but you know I wouldn't expect any less <3