Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Acre of Paradise

The view from our new house.

Not only did the Hayes family tackle a newborn just six short weeks ago, but we have also tackled the most horrific task known to man...MOVING!  We sold the Divide Creek house several weeks ago and embarked on a journey, a mission rather.  A mission to find the perfect rental until we find the perfect home.  Makes no sense to some, but perfect sense to us.  

Wampum Way is our new home for the next nine months.  It's pure one acre bliss for the entire family.  A view to die for, room to roam for the kids and Beethoven,  peace and quite, and sunrises to make you want to rise and shine each and every morning.  We will be living here until we find our dream home.  With the market in the best possible position ever (from the buyer's perspective) we have the Treasure Valley's inventory at our fingertips.  We have nine months to take our time and find a home we will hopefully live in longer than two years! Hee Hee!!  We are so excited to embark on this journey together and in the end have a place to finally call "home."  For the meantime, Wampum Way is our temporary place we will call "home."  If you're ever south of I-84, travel our way...we'd love to show you the live version of our view.


  1. Unbridled fun, you should have a rental house warming, with a bonfire (fireman on hand works well in case things get out of hand), for adults and kids. Also, I think you meant to say peace and *quiet*....although maybe not, it is a rarity with four kids. Sarah

  2. Hope you guys are settling in and getting things unpacked... That is always a huge task! Hope to see you again soon--