Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friend's Feast 2010

"Friend's Feast" kiddos.  Some kids are missing due to being camera shy.

Both shots were so cute I had to include them both

The Hayes' 1st annual Friend's Feast was a hit!

Steve and I decided to host a pre-Thanksgiving feast for just our friends.  Since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and the fact that Steve LOVES to eat, I thought this gathering would be perfect for both of us.  It was a way for us to get just our friends together to enjoy the holiday.  We're stuck with our family on this day regardless, so that's why our family wasn't invited, LOL! (We love our family, so settle down :))

Our house was filled with kids and adults galore!  Screaming, running, and most importantly, laughing could be found and heard at our house that wonderful day.  The food was so great and the desserts were beyond perfect.  
Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the festivities with us.  Steve and I look forward to hosting a Friend's Feast every year and having it grow largely with each passing year.

Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving!  


  1. Thank you so much for an awesome Friends Feast. I speak for myself and my kids when we say we thoroughly enjoyed the food, entertainment, and company. You and Steve are wonderful hosts!

  2. Your blog is so fun to read, I love it! Thanks for a wonderful dinner and time, and we are looking forward to many more!! CHEERS!!!! Jamie Weisweaver & Family ;-)