Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1st Well Check

Lucas being measured

Being weighed

I love the back of his head and his cute ears

Lucas had his first well baby check yesterday!  Happy to report he is doing very well.  
He weighed in at almost 12 pounds.  Steve is a tad bummed (well REALLY bummed) that Lucas is in the 18th percentile for his height.  Dr. Gaddis informed Steve that you truly can't measure height in children and have it mean anything until they're around two years of age.  Whew!  Let's hope Lucas gets Steve's genes when it comes to side of the family could be mistaken for My Cousin Vinny or possibly even the Munchkins.  
Besides getting weighed and measured, Lucas got his first go rounds of immunizations.  I looked away, Steve watched the whole thing, and Lucas screamed!  He was quickly picked up and consoled by Daddy.  Overall, a perfect visit that resulted in happy, healthy news.

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