Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas F-U-N

What a day!  My days as Ang and Mom are usually pretty filled with diaper changing, nursing, cooking meals, cleaning, giving hugs, etc. the list goes on and on.  But, there are days when the above mentioned gets fulfilled and then there's more.  This day in particular there was more...more fun!

Our day started with blueberry waffles.  Our waffle maker was a wedding gift to Steve and me.  I must admit, when we received it, we both rolled our eyes.  BUT wait!! That waffle maker has been the best gift for not only ourselves, but the kids as well.  
The waffles were followed up with Anthony shooting Steve in either the leg or butt with his air pistol and vice versa.  The boys were determined to make the plastic bullets hurt one another, but they were unsuccessful at doing so.  While in the house, the girls, Lucas, and I were watching cartoons, cleaning up from breakfast and singing along to Christmas music.  There was some interesting dancing along to the music as well.  We then all packed into the car to head to the Fire Kids' Christmas party.  Wow, how fun was that!  Cookie decorating, bowling, reindeer crafts, jumpy house, bean bag toss and most importantly...SANTA!  Santa arrived on the engine with his siren blaring for all the kids to hear.  He didn't come empty handed either.  All the children received wonderful gifts made by his elves.  
We wrapped up our fun time at the station and headed home for some homemade minestrone soup.  Grandma Collie joined us as well and brought yummy cookies and cupcakes along with her.  So sweet of her...always thinking of how to get extra pounds on her daughter-in-law.  :)
We then all got into the car to go look at Christmas lights.  Wow, another adventure.  Steve was our chauffeur and narrated the entire way.  We saw great lights and nativity scenes, but nothing topped the Ellen's Ferry home!  The picture doesn't do this man's house justice!!
Then off to our home to enjoy our warm cozy beds.  What a wonderful, fun and enjoyable day we had.  The best present of all?  Lucas slept through the night! 

Firehouse Christmas Party for the kids

Julie decorating her cookie

Lauren decorating hers

The magical house with more lights than we've EVER seen!

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  1. Very cool. Wish I could have been there! Great pictures, Ang. Especially the one of you and Steve! ~Sarah