Friday, December 17, 2010

Music Program and a 3 Month Old!

Lauren smiling bright with her piggies

Lauren and her teacher Mrs. Lindemood

3 month old Lucas
Lauren had her preschool Christmas music program last night.  Talk about adorable.  Over 50 three to four year olds singing their hearts out to a crowd of parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  Lauren made us proud by belting out  "Away in a Manager" with her hand motions cradling a baby.  During a break in between songs, we heard as loud as can be with a waved hand in the air, "Hi step-dad!"  Steve was proud to know this munchkin with a greeting like that.  The program ended with Pastor Tom talking to the children about the meaning of Christmas.  It was rather refreshing to hear his message.  We get so caught up in the buying and decorating we sometimes forget about the true purpose.

Besides great preschool music, the Hayes' have a three month old in the house now.  Wow, how the time flies by.  I recall saying that last month too.  Lucas is getting more active, alert, and well...more fun to be with.  He is smiling more everyday and loves his sisters' and brother's  attention whenever they want to give it to him.  And I almost forgot...he's sleeping for six to seven hour stretches! 

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