Monday, January 24, 2011

Aprons and Avocados

Lauren helping Mom cook with her apron on

Happy Lucas LOVES avocados!!     

Since there was absolutely no sunshine in the potato state today, I had to find something that brought a couple of rays our way.  I found several things today that brought a smile to my face.

First: Lauren wanted to help me cook dinner.  "Sure, go get your apron on and wash up."  Said Mom.  
Lauren helped put the ingredients I had chopped onto the plate, made sure I was doing it all correctly, and even helped set the table.  What a great helper!

Second: Lucas tried avocados for the first time tonight and lo and behold...he LOVED the green mushy fruit!  He couldn't get enough of the stuff.  Too bad he couldn't have loved a fruit that was a bit cheaper. :)

And thirdly: All of the kids' homework was done without complaining!  WOW!!  That rarely if ever happens in this household.

So even though the sun was shy today, I found things to smile brightly about.  Maybe tomorrow the sun will grace us with it's presence.  

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