Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Get-Away

Our McCall Gang

Lucas in a high chair for the first time...he loved it!

Hayes' January 2011(part of the clan)

The Hayes family had an amazing weekend at Drake Lodge in McCall!

Aunt Mo, Uncle Jim, Grandma Collie, Steve, Lucas and myself were greatly spoiled at what others would call a cabin, but we'll refer to it as a slice of paradise in the woods.  WOW is the best way to describe this beautiful and peaceful cabin.

Our intentions were to spend two days relaxing, snowshoeing, creating memories, and of course...eating!  We accomplished all but one of the above mentioned.  Due to the heavy rainfall in McCall, we were unable to take the snowshoes out for a test ride.  The rain caused the snow to become a pool of slush around the entire town.  Oh wait, there's more! Due to me (I have the luck of the Irish ;) ) I came down with what I call the flu without the benefits.  Body aches and fever attacked me, but thank goodness no nausea or vomiting  was apart of this package...whew!!  

Needless to say, we stayed in for most of our trip.  No cabin fever for us though.  We watched the Golden Globes, made incredible meals in the jaw dropping, granite counter topped, stainless steel applianced kitchen, had a much needed visit with my best friend Jocelyn (she was heading back home to Lewiston on her way back from Boise) a wonderful breakfast at The Pancake House, and time to relax and enjoy what God has given us...a wonderful family.  Our time in McCall was beyond perfect.  We look forward to recapping on these memories as time goes by.

Maybe next McCall trip, the flu bypasses me and the rain decides to hold off until the Hayes' head back to Boise.

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Nice and relaxing... I can't believe the little man is 4 months already!