Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day Trip To McCall

Steve and Lucas enjoying the frigid temps.  

This sculpture won 1st place!

These apples looked like pieces of they were tasty!
Lucas has had enough of our McCall get-away.                

What better way to enjoy a fireman's schedule than to head up to McCall on a Thursday to enjoy the 2011 Winter Carnival. 

We started our trek towards our favorite place early in the morning.  To make the two hour drive pass more interestingly, I decided to ask Steve some thought provoking questions I had come up with before we parted Boise.

"You have one million dollars.  You can't invest it and it must be spent within a week."
"If you were a woman for a day, what one thing would you like to do?"

Questions such as these made our ride so interesting and quite frankly, fun!  When we arrived in McCall, we were delighted at the lack of people.  Oh yeah, most people work Monday through Friday, LOL!  We packed up Lucas in his snowsuit and walked around the small, quaint, welcoming town.  The snow sculptures were so great.  Talk about amazing artists to create such masterpieces.  Our day was wrapped up with a visit to The Pancake House.  

The drive home was just as good if not better than the ride up.  I learned things about my amazing husband I've never known.  I realized this trip, how much more I love this man every single day.  Our Thursday get-away was more than just a ho hum Thursday.  It was a trip to reconnect with my family, enjoy a wonderful place called McCall, and to realize how great my life really is.


  1. I feel bad we didn't get our girls up there to see all the sculptures. Sounds like a great day... Steve- Drew wants to know what the deal is with the 80 year old man's golf hat???

  2. Oh Drew! I bought that hat for him. I think he looks so distinguished. Steve said you should approve, the hat's made from flannel material. :)