Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcoming a New Life

Lucas helping Daddy fix the vacuum
Baby calf just minutes old
Beautiful view after the storm
On our way home from getting the kids from school, we drove by a small field.  Steve says,
"Is that a newborn calf?"  "Yes!!" I said.  "The momma cow has the "afterbirth" still emerging."  
We turned the car around and parked next to the field.  WOW!  The kids were ELATED at the brand new life before them.  A few minutes passed and the momma delivered the placenta...and then proceeded to eat it!  Talk about gags, moans and groans coming from our car, LOL!  What a treat to get to see nature at it's finest.

While making dinner, the rain came down in sheets!  But minutes later, God blessed us with a spectacular bright sky, with (if you look closely) the start of a rainbow.  After dinner we had a small repair to do on the vacuum.  Lucas needed to help Daddy diagnose the problem and in no time it was up to working condition again.

The night was complete with rocky road ice cream and the original Karate Kid.  (I now know I'm getting old when I tell the kids, "Oh, the original is waaaay better than the new release!!")  

We were all set to get ready for bed when Steve got an overnight overtime shift.  Perfect!  What a wonderful plan!!  Only thing is...I'll miss him snoring tonight. :(

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