Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Anthony and Julie feeding Pa and Grandma's neighbor's horse

Lucas taking the cauliflower to feed the horse

With Lucas as the exception, my all sugared out babies

Bobby dog giving Lucas kisses

Lucas and Pa

Easter 2011 for the Hayes Family was beyond great!  We all gathered at my folks' house to enjoy a beautiful day to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior.  What an honor to be able to rejoice in this marvelous day.  A great lunch, baskets full of candy and goodies, and dessert completed the day.  The most important part of our day was just being together as a family and realizing how important we are to one another.

Steve and I were unexpectedly given devastating news this morning that our close friends lost their most precious gift...their eight month old son.  As friends would do for one another, we were both there for them.  Sitting beside them while we felt their pain, felt their tears, and felt their heartache as their baby went to be with Jesus on this Easter Sunday.

We have heard it numerous times before...
"Treat each day as a gift, because it could be taken from you at any time."
 These words hit home for us not only because we were with our dear friends in the most horrible time, but because Lucas and Charlie were only three weeks apart in age.

Our family's wish for you is that your Easter was spectacular, exciting, and a time for you to reflect on Jesus' resurrection, but most importantly, to realize how each day with your loved ones should be treated as such a gift.  

Happy Easter from The Hayes Family

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