Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life As We Know It

Too tired for her bed

Beethoven plays just like the kids

Lucas loves his bananas in his net.

Such a great baby he is!

Wow, what a week it's been in the Hayes household!!
Steve has had a class ALL WEEK LONG!  When we're used to him being home for four days straight, he's had to be away from 7am till 6pm all week.  I don't know how wives do it that have husbands who work 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

We are all moved into our amazing house!  We couldn't be happier with what God has blessed us with.  The kids get an enormous playground right next door to the house.  I can look out the kitchen window and see them playing.  Oh, and I look out and see the 150 pound dog playing right there next to them!!  You'd never know Beethoven was a dog verses a kid! The kids love their own rooms, their own bathrooms, and their own upstairs.  I must say I'm enjoying having the entire downstairs to myself when they all go to bed.  It's so quiet.  We are all adjusting very quickly.  And we're beyond excited we don't have to move for...oh...the next 20 years!

Life as we know it is perfect, happy, and for the most part, well balanced.  :)

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