Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

My reason for a wonderful mother's day

Grandma Gail, Auntie Anne and Grandma Collie

My handsome Steve

Lucas with Mommy and Daddy

Happy mother's day to all the mothers!  My mother's day was so nice and peaceful.  
A great brunch with the kids and family at our house, lots of hugs and kisses, amusing gifts from the children, beautiful hanging baskets of flowers from Steve and the kids, and oh yeah, mimosas too!  Just a short list of the reasons I am so blessed to be my children's  mother.
Here's hoping your day was as enjoyable as mine was.  
In my opinion, mother's day should be every day of the year, LOL!

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  1. The mimosas sound great...and I agree with you, mother's day should be celebrated every day! I love to be pampered and not allowed in the kitchen. The gifts for me, too, were interesting - it's cute to see their pride in creating something special for mama. Gotta love the kids!! ~ Sarah