Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vegetables and 8 Month Olds

Vegetable planter boxes

Lucas is 8 months!

We have an 8 month old in the house.  Holy cow this boy is active, funny, and so entertaining!!  He is sitting up like a champ, just learned to wave at anybody that looks his way, smiles constantly, eats like a Chicago Bear quarterback, and is the joy of our lives.  Crawling is next...ahhhhhhhh!!!  He can be delayed in this next milestone, I won't mind.

We made, set up, filled with dirt, and planted our veggies for the summer.  Zucchini, red bell peppers, tomatoes (3 varieties), cucumbers, basil, red onions, and cilantro are all planted and ready to grow, grow, grow!  Don't plant any tomatoes this year, because with 3 plants, I'll be begging you all to take some off my hands.  Or you'll get salsa from me weekly along with zucchini bread.  

Steve and I have been slaving away at our new home trying to get the yard in tip top shape.  I had a garage sale last week, so Steve could have his garage back...junk free.  Wow, what a lot of work those sales are.  Plus it's quite sad to see items go for pennies on the dollar when you originally spent much more.  Oh well, it made us a little extra money to buy new "junk" with.  Our back yard is starting to look presentable.  Concrete curbing is next followed by planting more trees/bushes, then the finale of the perma bark.  We are looking forward to the completed project so we can put our feet up, sip a beverage or two, and marvel at the hard work we put into this yard.  But for now, we'll pass by the weeds as we put it off for another day.

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