Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthdays, Camping, and Father's Day

Our roaring saving grace

Steve adding the coals to our dinner

There was still Folger's in our cups...even camping

After he realized he was going to go see Ray LaMontagne

Yes, they are going to attempt to cut this tree down

Lucas and his daddy
Happy nine months Lucas

Over the weekend, Steve and I went camping with Rob and Allison.  We dropped Lucas off to stay the night with Grandma Collie.  We were all on the road heading to Idaho City when it began to rain...and rain good.  Somehow it didn't stop us.  Our camping spirits couldn't be haltered in any fashion!  We set up camp, made an amazing fire,(thanks Rob), and settled in for a night of food, laughs, serious conversation, coyotes howling, and yes...TONS of rain.  Thank goodness for a large tarp to keep our cooking area dry.  Steve cooked our dinner and breakfast in the dutch oven.  Dinner only took four long hours, but well worth the wait.  The boys tried to cut down the biggest tree in the forest, but the chainsaw gave out mid way.  Now the tree is left to sway in the wind and jeopardize someone's life this summer.  No big deal though, right fellas?  After breakfast we packed up and headed home.  I must add that when we awoke the next morning, it was blue skies for miles.  Needless to say, the Hayes' and the Lee's had an amazing camping trip worth many upcoming round table moments.

Lucas turned nine months on Saturday.  He's crawling now, and his two lower teeth are ready to show themselves to the world.  As I say every month, he is such a perfect baby.  We're in for it come toddler time...mark my words.

Father's Day cannot go unnoticed!  Steve, Lucas, and I joined Grandma Collie, Pa John, Grandma Gail, and Aunti Anne at Twin Dragon for a great meal.  Lucas enjoyed the rice, egg foo young, and all the people he could take in.  That child is a people watcher...just like his mother.  For Father's Day, I got Steve tickets to the Ray Lamontagne concert.  This is a sold out show I might add, that's why getting them makes me that much cooler of a wife.  I had to scrounge from East to West, and from North to South to find a pair of tickets somebody was willing to sell me.  After giving up hope of getting a pair to surprise him, I received a phone call from a gal willing to sell me her tickets.   Ang saved the day, Steve gets a smile on his face, and Ang gets "Wife of the Year Award."  

Our weekend was busy, but well enjoyed.  We also got floor seats with Rob and Allison to the Michael Buble' concert in August, I rammed the car into the garage door, and I'm thankful to be alive to blog about it all!  Steve must really love me.  :)

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