Monday, June 27, 2011

Coupon Deal

This great deal was only $2.63

Today I executed my first real coupon deal!  I did have the assistance of my Coupon Queen...Mrs. Allison.  She rocks at this hobby.  Tomorrow, Albertson's comes out with their weekly ad.  I'll be up at 5 am checking their sales and seeing if any of my coupons match up.  I'm starting to really enjoy this new found hobby.

The Hayes' household was rather irritable and sickly today.  I'm still getting over my chesty cough, mixed in with some PMS, Steve is coming down with the gross cough, Lucas is cutting teeth, and the other three, well, they're ten, nine, and four bored on summer break...that explains it well enough.  So, our house was not pretty today.  We did make it to the pool for an evening dip, which was much needed.  Lucas is currently having his nightcap, then headed to bed.  The rest of us will enjoy the movie Hoodwinked, then it's off to bed for everyone...myself included.  Hopefully tomorrow brings better happenings for us.

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  1. Any deals or tips you can pass our way, we would love. Good luck deal hunting!