Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crawling For Toys

This is how he starts out

This is how he ends up...smile is optional

Today was another simple day in the Hayes' household.  Anthony and Julie both wanted to go to the Boy's and Girl's Club.  Since Lauren hasn't been feeling so hot, she and I stayed home.  I finished up on the laundry, she napped with Lucas.  After dinner we all headed to the pool.  As usual, Anthony and Julie insisted on trying to drown one another or inflict the most pain on each other.  Both scenarios ended up with yelling, fighting and Mom having to remove them from the pool for their five minute time outs.  It's exhausting I tell ya, and I'm not even swimming, I'm focusing on more important things...sun bathing.

We headed home and decided to work on crawling with Lucas.  He is sure getting the hang of it.  We put his favorite toys in front of him and he pushed, scooted, and made his way to those irresistible items he wanted.  I would officially call him a pre-crawler.  I'm sure by the end of the week I'll be changing his title to Mr. Crawler. 

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