Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Critter Mania

Lauren's caterpillar
Bright eyed Lucas
Our hummingbird friend
LOVES his spoon
Lauren insisted on this self portrait

Yesterday was filled with critters galore!  
First, we spotted a green tinged hummingbird in our garage.  We left the garage door open for her to have a chance to escape.  Several hours later she was still perched on top of the garage door motor.  I decided to call Animals In Distress.  They are so busy they couldn't make it out to come get the bird.  I was afraid to touch it because I didn't want to kill it.  I decided to take action Ang style.  I grabbed a wooden spoon and held it next to the bird's feet.  It perched right onto the spoon and Julie carried it out into the front yard where it flew away.  Then it landed on the ground as if it was injured.  The kids made a small "house" for the hummingbird and we went inside.  The kids checked on her later and she was gone!  We're hoping she flew away vs. Beethoven having her for a little snack.

Then later in the day, Lauren found a green little caterpillar.  She walked around the house with it on her hand for awhile.  When I saw her moments later I asked her where her friend was.
"Oh, he's somewhere, don't know where though."
Great, hope he's not smooshed into the carpet somewhere...poor guy.

School is letting out for the summer in officially five days.  A stay at home mother's WORST nightmare!  I used to give my mom so much grief about how horrible she said it was having my brother and me home for three months.  I don't blame her now for uttering such words.  With three children (thank God Lucas can't talk yet) fighting, screaming, and hitting, what's a mother to do?  Well for starters, their walls in their rooms will start to look REALLY familiar and the wooden spoon may be brought out more times than I want (threatening always seems to do the trick!)  Let's hope the pool and summer sun keeps them occupied enough to stay out of my bad radar.  Unless they want to use the phrase that will send me to the moon...
"Mom, we're bored!!!"

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