Monday, June 20, 2011

Just Mommy and Me

Stuffing his face
Today was one of those quiet days.  Lucas and I headed out of the house at 9:00 am and headed to Walmart.  I'm trying to stretch my grocery budget as far as I can this month.  It's actually fun being put to the challenge.  So I decided to shop at Walmart vs my normal Winco for groceries today.  I must say Walmart beats Winco on prices, but I'm not so impressed with their produce.  Walmart gets a big fat F in that department.  I needed to go to Costco as well, but only stopped for gas.  I have to be in "the mood" to go into that warehouse of madness, and today I wasn't in "the mood."  After gas, we drove home and that's where we stayed.

I made Lucas a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.  Half of one, in which he ate the ENTIRE thing in less than five minutes.  Wow, guess he was hungry.  After lunch he took a nap and I did chores.  I enjoy laundry, so I suppose it's really not a chore.  I also enjoy grocery shopping too.  Yeah, I've been called nuts a time or two.

When Lucas got up from his nap, we took a walk in our subdivision.  I absolutely LOVE where we live.  The walking paths, the great landscaping, the friendly people, and yeah, the fact that I can walk on sidewalks throughout the neighborhood.  There was a time back, not too long ago, where sidewalks didn't exist where we lived.  After our walk we both had dinner, watched a little t.v., worked out in the garden then it was bedtime.  Oh, my tomatoes, bell peppers, and zucchini ALL have blooms on them!!!  I'm so excited.  I might actually get to taste the yummy veggies I'm working so hard on.
Overall, our day was mellow, quiet, and peaceful.  And it was just my little man and me.  Just the way I like it...well sometimes I miss the others too!

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