Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lawn Mowing Buddy

Lucas is Daddy's lawn mowing buddy.
We are finding new ways to utilize the Kelty backpack.  Yesterday, Steve packed up Lucas and headed out to mow the lawn.  What a great idea!  Lucas loved it, Steve got to mow the yard and I got to work on my garden.  Oh, I also picked up dog poo in the yard before he mowed too.  It's such a handy little pack to tote the little man around in.

Steve and I took Lucas over to Grandma Collie's last night around 6:30.  Steve and I then headed to Table Rock for an evening hike in the great weather we've been having.  We both cruised up the hill only to see very black sky in the horizon.  We started our descend from the hill when the winds kicked up...and I mean kicked up!!  We made it to the car just in time for the outrageous downpour of rain.  What luck to have cover available before the storm really hit.

Lucas has uttered the words all fathers look forward to especially Steve...Da-Da.  I am struggling with this new found word and have done my research.  Babies may utter the words Da-Da, but they have no association with the word until they reach month 12 and beyond.  We all know if Lucas would have uttered Ma-Ma, the literature I just quoted you would have been discredited for sure.  :)

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