Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nails, Stairs, and Gobs of Hair

Manicures by Steve.  He's taking appointments.

Lucas has found the stairs.

This pile times four is what came off Beethoven.

The after.  Wish I had a before.

"Mom, look what Steve did," Julie said excitedly.
I looked down at the extended hands before me and said,
"Wow, Steve painted those?  He's really good."
Too bad he paints nails so well, the girls will be coming to him every nail painting from now on.

The girls and I went to the pool again today.  Somehow we're not sick of it yet...thank goodness.  When we got back home, Lucas was just getting up from his nap.  Oh, Steve was home today and watched him while we swam...he wasn't left home alone.  :)   I was getting something out of the fridge and I hear,
"Mom, Mom, Mom, look at this!!" Cries Julie.
I look over and see Lucas trying to climb the stairs.  Ahhhhh!  This is officially not a good thing without a baby gate.  Guess we know what our next Babies R Us purchase is going to be.

After dinner, we all headed outside to water the flowers, play on the playground, and be together as a family.  Julie pulled out the Furminator and the rest of my evening was spent grooming Beethoven.  The furminator is a brush for dogs.  I spent over an hour and a half brushing, trimming, and breaking my back to make our puppy dog look presentable.  All so worth it!  He still has his entire underside yet to brush, but his top side looks so great.  After seeing him with all of his hair brushed out, Lauren says,
"Wow Mom, he looks...he looks...he looks so soft and beautiful."
Yes, he sure does.  After I was finished grooming, I cleaned up his fur (enough to make another dog with) and headed inside.  I keep passing by the window and gazing at him.  He's gotta feel like a whole new dog.  I'm sure he'll be on the prowl for a lady friend when the sun comes up.

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