Monday, June 13, 2011

Park Time and Banana Bread

Having such a great time in the swing

He loves his Juliebelle

He's being shy with big brother

The girls put these princess shades on him while he was asleep in the car
Juliebelle licking the spatula after the banana bread batter...the best part!

Lauren's lick of the banana bread batter...on her finger.

Today the kids and I headed to Fairmont Park with picnic basket in hand.  Wow, what a cool park.  Every aspect of the play equipment had to do with some sort of spinning object.  It was funny to watch the three kids, plus the others at the park spin themselves silly, hop off the equipment, then try to walk.  What a funny sight.  Over half of the kids at the park looked like they were about to lose their lunch.  Luckily none of the three of mine lost theirs.
At 12:00, the bells from St. Mark's chimed.  I was amazed!!!  I can't begin to tell you the last time I heard church bells chime.  I actually thought they stopped doing infringement on atheist's  rights.  :)  
We finished up our visit by swinging Lucas in the swing.  He loves the swings!  On our way to the car, the kids spent their allowance money on snow cones.  It's funny to see the flavors they all picked.  Anthony's was rather simple: Tiger's Blood.  Julie not so simple: Strawberry, mango, pineapple, apple, and banana.  And Lauren?  Just plain YUCK!: Kiwi, blue raspberry, and rainbow.  I was asked to try each of them and the only one I could stomach was Anthony's.
Tonight we finished up the day making a batch of banana of Steve's favorites.  Well, what sweet treat isn't his favorite?  Since he's working, I promised  I'd save him his own loaf.  Hurry home...before I eat it all and blame it on the kids.

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