Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pool Time, BBQ Eats and Some Gardening



Anthony told me to go away, he didn't want his picture taken

The kids playing "chicken" with Steve and Rob
Lucas and Daddy

Today was a fun filled full day.  Rob and Allison came over at noon.  The fellas headed to Home Depot to buy some flowers/bushes for the yard while Allison and the kids and I headed to the pool.  We finally got a day worthwhile of swimming...YEAH!!!  The guys came back, we barbecued chicken, sat and enjoyed each others company, then headed to the yard for some planting.  The yard looks fabulous.  Rob and Allison gave us some small maple trees and some yummy mint for our garden too.  The mint will be delicious in some homemade lemonade.  After the planting we had some dessert, then followed up the evening with another trip to the pool.  Splashing, a couple games of chicken, Anthony and Julie trying to drown one another, and trying to see how long they could all hold their breaths under water were just a few of the pool activities.  Lucas was in on all the happenings and loved every minute of it.  We sure had a great day with our wonderful friends.  If only EVERY day could be this fun!

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