Sunday, June 5, 2011

Silliness and Trails

Lauren the photographer...not too shabby.

Look at the great contrast between Lauren and Lucas' eyes.

Silly self portrait

Yet another silly picture

A great view of Boise's foothills from Table Rock

Silliness becomes this family when the weather gets poor and we can't head outdoors.  Lauren decided to take the camera and become a photographer.  She literally took 40 to 50 pictures in a 20 minute time span when I was doing dishes the other day.  I chose a few that turned out great and or too funny not to share.

The weather was perfect today!  Steve and I headed to the Boise foothills to take a trek around and up Table Rock.  Steve had Lucas on his back in the carrier.  I on the other hand was free as a bird.  The last time I hiked Table Rock, I had an extra 20 to 25 pounds of baby, fat, and water weight that made my journey miserable.  This time around I cruised up the hill with speed and endurance ready to take on the world.  Steve was breathing hard and sweating pretty good.  I asked him if he had any sympathy for me on the prior hikes.  He admitted he  :)  We enjoyed our time together and look forward to when Lucas can climb himself up the steep hill.

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