Saturday, June 25, 2011

Standing Up Is What It's About

He is upset because he doesn't know how to sit down.

She's doing so well...except her steering issues.

She loves being on her bike!

Trying to stand up on the underneath of the table.

Lucas usually wakes up around 7:30 every morning.  I know he's awake because he'll start "talking" to himself.  This morning was a tad different.  He started to scream.  A scream that sent chills down my spine.  It was so chilling I was afraid of what I was going to find when I climbed the stairs to his room.  I found Mr. Hayes standing in his crib!!!  First time for this little man.  He was screaming so fiercely because he didn't know how to sit himself down and I'm sure his legs were exhausted at this point and could no longer support him.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I had to get a picture.  I ran out of his room, which sent him  belting out yet another fierce yell because I was leaving him in such a vulnerable state, and quickly grabbed the camera.  I was thankful to have captured the above photo...priceless.  I also caught him trying to pull himself up on the underneath of a table in our kitchen.  He has really gotten the hang of this new milestone.  Not too sure if I like it.  I'm going to hate to see the first time he allows himself to sit down.  I'm betting it won't be pretty.

Lauren has taken off on her bike now!!  She is doing remarkably well.  She does have some steering issues, but nothing a little practice won't cure.  We're so proud of her.  The current helmet she's wearing has a broken outer shell, that's why hers is plain black.  We know what she's getting for her birthday...a brand new helmet!  And maybe some streamers for her handle bars.  They might make it easier for her to steer with streamers.  :)

For months now, I have been searching, looking, and frantically trying to come up with a hobby for myself.  Not as if I have much time for a new found hobby, but I found one!  I am happy to report the world of couponing has nabbed me.  And what a great hobby to your family money while doing so.  My girlfriend Allison has quickly become Coupon Queen, so I have a lot to learn from her.  We're sitting down next week to go over "just the basics."  I'm looking forward to my new binder to store my coupons in, the frantic anticipation of the Sunday newspaper, the thrill of executing a really good deal, and the heart pounding exhilaration I'll be receiving when in the end I really do save the family's budget some moo-la.  I used to say to myself,
"Oh, get a life you stay at home moms.  You mean to tell me saving a buck here and there really makes that much of a difference?"
I'm quickly starting to learn it's not about the dollars saved.  It's the fact of the challenge.  It's the needle to the junkie's vein, the high of the chase, and maybe even comparable to the first drink from the bottle.  I know I'm going a little overboard, but I'm really feeling the intense excitement I know I'll be experiencing here.  But for now, I must cut this blog short and head to bed.  The Sunday paper arrives in the grocery stores by 6 am.

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