Friday, June 17, 2011

Training Wheels...RIP

Giving her the pep talk

And off she goes!

Steve's barely hanging on at this point

Lauren, amazing job!

It's Lucas' turn now

What a BUSY day for us!  WOW!  Started with early risers...6:30 am.  Breakfast, packed lunches, cleaned the house, managed quarrels, (never ending in this household) and in the mix of it, found time to go to the gym!  Whoo hoo!  It's a good day when I make it there.

Julie thought it would be a grand idea if Lauren learned to ride her bike without training wheels.  Mind you, she'll be five in July, so still a tad early in my opinion.  But Julie was persistent.
"Ya know Lauren, you won't be able to go into kindergarten unless you learn to ride without your training wheels...they won't let you in," threatened Julie.
If only you could see the disappointment on Lauren's face.  :(  Wanting to achieve her lifelong dream of entering kindergarten, carry a backpack, hold onto her lunch sack, and get recess like big brother and sister, her goal at this point was to do whatever it required to get into her new kindergarten class.
"Okay, I'll do it," she muttered.
I even promised her a snow cone if she at least tried.  Well as you can see from the great photos, she tried!!  And in the end says with a grin,
"Can I get my snow cone now?"

After the bike escapade, Steve and Anthony headed to the bike park in Eagle.  The girls, Lucas, and I headed to Grandma Collie's house.  Grandma Collie's gotta be the coolest grandma in town!  We hula hooped!!  Yes, hula hooped.  Grandma Collie shared with us she didn't know how to do it, but I'm sure she's got mad skills with that hoop when nobody is watching...I betcha.  We finished up our evening at her place with playing in the front yard, hula hooping, hitting the shuttlecocks with our racquets, and being silly girls...all while Lucas enjoyed every minute of it.

When we arrived home, pretty late, Anthony shared his stories from the bike park.  His war wound stories actually. He fell three times and had the marks on his arm to prove it too!  He had a great time!  I had a great time listening to how he crashed...THREE TIMES!!!

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