Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Water Play

Lucas is so dwarfed in his tub

Such a happy boy in the water

Tigger's all clean

Don't ask, I don't know.  They just appeared when I downloaded them.  All I know is I'm thankful I don't have the urge to kick or throw this computer.

Today was the first full day of summer and boy did we feel it.  We topped the thermometer at 95!  Wowzers it was warm.  I tried my darnedest to not turn the air conditioner on, but I failed.  It's currently set to turn on at 80 degrees.  It hasn't stopped running since early this afternoon.  So to beat the heat, Lucas and I headed to the pool with some friends.  I was expecting a large crowd at the pool, but only three families graced their bikini and swim trunk clad bodies.   The water felt very nice.  Lucas splashed and played in the water so much, he was asleep in the stroller within minutes of coming out of the water.

Bath time tonight was fun.  I usually bathe him in the kitchen sink.  I thought I'd let him try his bathtub instead.  We have an unusually large tub/shower combo so Lucas looked so dwarfed in the giant tub.  With the other three children, they always sat on their bums in the tub.  Lucas however, refused and wanted to crawl his way to his toys.  Crawling in a tub is next to impossible unless you have non-slip knee pads on.  Regardless, he enjoyed his fifteen minutes of water play.  He's in bed now.  The pool today mixed with a slight bug has made this little boy exhausted.  I'm not too far off from sleepy-ville myself.

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