Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where Are the Pictures??

I have been sitting here for over an hour trying to understand WHY my pictures won't download.  I have tried EVERYTHING I know to get these suckers on here. Just shy of calling work, having another cup of joe, or throwing the computer across the room, I haven't a clue as to what to do!  ARRRRGGGGG!!

As you all know, I despise blogging/blogs without pictures.  I mean, what's the point?  You need to see pictures to actually experience what's going on or else your imagination may take you somewhere it's not supposed to go.  Well despite my adversities, I'm going to blog about yesterday anyway.  Please, please, please excuse me.  I will try and be as graphic as I can, so you actually feel what my day was like, rather than wondering.  :)

Yesterday I went to the eye Dr. for my annual exam.  BAD NEWS!!  Guess when you never take your contacts out, sleep in them, and never change them, that's what you get...BAD NEWS!  I wear disposable, two week contacts.  Well, I like to break the rules on most things, contacts are no exception.  I like to wear mine non stop for, oh, about three months.  Then when they get scratchy, make my eyes burn, turn red, and practically bleed, I'll change them.   Dr. Sorenson has informed me that my corneas have "thickened" with doing so. I seem to think "thickened" is a gentle word.  He probably meant to say destroyed, but has to be politically correct. He says with thickened corneas, your vision tends to get worse rather than stay consistent or get better.  With my family history of God awful eyes, you'd think I'd take better care of my eyes?  Obviously not!  My prescription went from a negative 4.25 in both eyes to a negative 5.00 in my left and a negative 4.75 in the right.  I didn't think my glasses could get any thicker, but they're on their way.  Mind you, you're technically legally blind at negative 6.00.  I'm not too far off.  I promised the Dr. I would take my contacts out before bed, clean them daily, and replace them every two weeks.  I should probably take this serious, don't ya think?

Last night was the big concert!  Mr. Ray LaMontagne came to the Botanical Garden!!!  Steve and I both came unprepared.  No blankets, no chairs, no food, and no I.D.  Thank goodness for the Johnston's who saved our tails.  They had blankets AND chairs for us.  They must have known how unprepared of a couple we are.  The concert was incredible!  The sound was just right, the sun was perfect, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  Here's where a picture would actually show you how much of a good time we were having.  Just imagine Steve and me with great big smiles, sweat running down our faces, and drunk people sitting all around us.  No drunk Hayes' though...luckily we forgot our I.D.s.  :)  As in every concert crowd, there's always a fool.  Yes, she was an entertaining fool.  I never knew someone could move, dance, and shake themselves the way this woman did.  Again, if I had pictures up, you'd be able to see the scene this woman put on for the ENTIRE crowd.  Needless to say, I went back and forth between Ray and this woman for my entertainment.  Overall, the concert was splendid.  Let's not forget that Ang is the most amazing people watcher on this planet.  I had my eyes full!!

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