Monday, July 18, 2011

10 Months old!!

Our 10 month old angel.

Trying to cram in his toast.

Hard working Steve.  It looks perfect...right there!

Good ol' Beethoven...such a great dog.

I love his chubby fingers.

And his little piggies.

Lucas is ten months old today!  Before you know it, we'll be blowing out a single candle for him.  He's still an angelic child with the exception of small tantrums during diaper changes.  But nothing good ol' Mama bear can't handle. 

This morning, Steve wanted to get the rocks we got from my folks' house positioned in the yard, before it got too hot.  I told him I'd help, but all I did was sit on the grass and bark out orders of where they looked best.  Oh, and I snapped pictures with the camera.  After sensing my lack of help, I decided to make myself useful.  Lucas and I headed to Fred Meyer and Albertson's for our weekly grocery deals.  I bought more chicken, several loaves of bread, and Freddy's had a great deal on laundry soap.  Rite Aid had an amazing deal on Excederin.  I don't ever get migraines, but for $2.00 and I  got 48 tablets...that calls for them to be purchased, just so I can say I "got a good deal." 

Pretty hot again today, so the pool was a must.  Steve napped with Lucas while I met Heidi at the pool for a bit.  I'm really starting to dread the weather getting cooler.  I suppose it's because we have a pool so close.  Every other year I complained about the heat.  This year somehow turned my attitude right around.

I can't believe school starts in little over five weeks.  Where did this summer go?  We are planning a camping trip later next month, and Steve and I went to L.A., but somehow we haven't had the time to do much else.  I guess the little things add up and before you know it, your time has been taken away from you.  I'm thankful for the opportunity I get to be able to stay at home with my children.  If I haven't told you lately Steve, thank you for allowing me the ability to do so.

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