Friday, July 15, 2011

All Work and No Play

Beautiful full moon.

Plant that can be indoor or kind of plant!

Daisies and petunias on their way to becoming so pretty.

The misplaced grasshopper.

Today was supposed to be a play day with Steve, Lucas and me.  I had planned to take the bikes and the trailer on the greenbelt, pack our picnic basket, and head outdoors for a bit.  Nope, never happened.  The thought only occurred, nothing else.
First is was Steve saying, "Let me have a few hours to do some yard work."  Then it was, "How about after I build the shelf in the garage we'll go."  The final straw was, "If I work today, you have me free all day Saturday."

Fine, a playday with my husband and son was not in the cards for me today.  Instead, I helped Steve with his shelf, planted more flowers in our yard, and re-potted some houseplants.  I ended up doing the three mentioned, plus I washed and dried the car by hand and vacuumed the inside.  Whoah, let me tell you something!  I can't remember the last time I hand washed a car.  With the way the car wash does such a good job, why exert an extra 300 calories in the 90 degree weather?  I'll tell you why.  Remember when I rammed into the garage door about three weeks ago trying to back out, but the garage was only 3/4 of the way up?  Well everything's fine, no need to worry.  Despite the small dent in the door, the neighbors talking about my mishap when I see them at the pool, "Did you ram into your garage door the other day?  I saw the huge dent in it."  Yes, I did, now move on.  And the fin on the back of our car where there's a brake light, busted off.  Steve luckily fixed it, but not without a cost to me.  There are tiny holes where some of the plastic broke off and water will leak where it doesn't need to be if you take it to a car wash.  So, by hand I can be more careful.  I find that the hand washing is a small price to pay for all the damage I caused.  :)

Lucas has been toying with the use of a straw.  When I give it to him, he'll take it away, chew on it, them throw it on the ground.  Happy to report tonight he actually got a bit of beverage out of the straw.  A tad bit of Sierra Mist to be exact.  He gave the "sour face" when he tasted it...the carbonation I'm sure.  What a fun milestone!

The picture of the grasshopper is more sentimental to Julie than anyone.  About two weeks ago, she brought a grasshopper into the house as her "pet."  (I know, a nine year old?  Yeah, that's something Lauren would do.)  After sweeping the floor last night, I saw it on the side of the dishwasher.  I couldn't believe that guy was still alive!  As I was watering the flowers tonight, I saw our friend yet again on our new flowers.  I'm beginning to think he likes it around here.

Steve and I are doing a 5K tomorrow...bright and early.  It's called Logan's Run and it raises money for SIDS awareness and research.  A wonderful cause.  We went to pick up our race packets tonight at the Dutch Goose.  I surveyed the crowd of packet-picker-uppers and realized we're in for some competition tomorrow.  90 percent of the packet-picker-uppers looked like they were born to run.  There goes my theory that only overweight, out of shape moms were competing in this race tomorrow.  By the looks of that crowd, it's me who's the overweight and out of shape mom running.  Next time I won't be so quick to judge.

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