Thursday, July 7, 2011

California...See Ya Again Real Soon

Lucas stretching before the big flight.

The beautiful view from Aunt Mo and Uncle Jim's house.

The awesome sunset out our bedroom window.

We watched the 4th fireworks from the house's balcony.

A wedding about to transpire at Terranea.

Beautiful Terranea view.

Old lifeguard post...still being used daily.

Good ol' Hollywood cool to see.

We almost renewed our wedding vows here, but Lucas started to cry.

Not $540 or $545, but $541.  Beware!

I made it!!

We made it back home from our California trip...almost not all in one piece. 
Lucas did AMAZING on the plane ride to L.A.  He drank his bottle, then took a two hour nap.  After we touched down in sunny CA, we drove along the busy, busy beaches.  Everyone was all set up with coolers, umbrellas, volleyballs, and swim trunks ready to celebrate the big holiday.  We finally made it to Aunt Mo and Uncle Jim's house with an amazing surprise to me...a guest room for us with a view of the ocean!  Can we say jaw dropping?  We got the luxury of waking up to the ocean breeze coming in through the window, the birds chirping, the smell of the ocean, and of course, Lucas talking to himself.
We enjoyed time with family, morning walks on the beautiful beaches, Trader Joe's introduction for Ang, (I'm in LOVE with that store!!) delicious sushi, and a drive to HOLLYWOOD and Rodeo Drive!  All the while Lucas behaving and adjusting to the new surroundings quite well.

I must say the humidity was rather kind to my curly locks.  The curls soaked up all of the moisture Boise has been sucking out of them for the last 20 years.  We had an amazing trip that will bring so many memories for us to talk about later on down the road.  My craving for a Range Rover/Mercedes/BMW has been squandered.  When all you see for three days straight are luxury cars, you tend to get your fill rather quickly.

Our flight home wasn't so pleasant as the ride there.  We were all settled into our seats, Lucas was having his bottle dozing off, then 20 minutes into the air, the four month old behind us starts screaming!   Lucas wakes up and no getting back to sleep for him.  He required everyone's attention at that point.  And yes, pulled the lady's hair in the seat in front of us.  Then came the descending part.  Ummm, not so good for Ang.  Let's put it this way, I really thought, as you all know with me, the plane was going down.  Everyone on the plane gave a loud sigh, my hands were clenched to the seat, and even Lucas was quiet for a few seconds.  After the desire to puke my stomach contents out onto Steve had surpassed, I wanted to just cry.  Oh the issues I have flying!  Maybe next time we better just drive.   :)

Thank you Mo and Jim for the amazing hospitality and for allowing us to take over your gorgeous home for three days!  We hope to see you again very soon.

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