Monday, July 25, 2011

Diaper Deal!

Such a big drinker now.

I love that little boy!!

Yesterday was a great day!  Anthony was still gone on his backpacking trip, Steve was gone with overtime, so it was just the girls, Lucas, and me.

Bright and early we headed to Babies R' Us.  They had $5.00 diaper packs.  I bought 400 Babies R' Us brand diapers for...get this... $42.37!  Yes, that's right, I got a steal of a deal!  I guess the  store was selling so many of the diapers that they were limiting the quantities to only four packs per person, per transaction.  Wow, I really got it good then.  Needless to say, Lucas is set on diapers for a bit.

It reached 102 yesterday.  We made it to the pool.  I know this sounds crazy, but even with the pool, it was still too hot to be outside.  :(  We headed back home for dinner.

After dinner, Heidi came over with her kiddos.  They all played together while we sat on the couch and gabbed. Gabbing with Heidi is a good thing, after a long day of socializing with just children.  The kids finished up with ice cream cones and the Stark's headed home.

I headed out to water the garden and have discovered an awful thing.  Beethoven is eating my green tomatoes.  Oh, I am beyond irritated!  I have been working so, so, so, hard on this garden and he's eating the fruits of my labor?  Oh no he's not!  I'm headed to Zamzow's today to try and put a stop to his shenanigans!

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