Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

He'll be walking in no time now!

Such a happy baby.

Yesterday was a HOT one and today's going to be even hotter!
We didn't go to the pool though, everything else seemed to gobble up our time.  I made a monthly trip to Costco.  Only spent $70 something.  It's a good day there when you spend under a $100.  Steve worked on his machining stuff, Lucas took a nap, and I cleaned house.  Your sometimes typical day in the Hayes' household.

Later in the evening, we headed to my girlfriend Barbara's house for her son's seventh birthday!  It was so cute to see Jacob open his presents.  He's seven mind you.  He was taking every card, reading them out loud to the party goers before opening the presents up.  It was a crack up to see him read with such joy every word of the card.  Not my kids.  They go straight for the gifts, don't pay any attention to the cards!
After we left the party, it got me realizing how fast our kids our growing up.  I met Barbara back in 2002 when I was working for Dr. Higer as a dental assistant.  She wasn't married yet, nor did she have any of her two children.  In nine years, we have both had many additions to our lives and the world has not stopped turning...turning faster I might add.  It's nice to get together every now and again and see the kids...and how they've much!

My problem with the dog is still lingering.  I got some "scram dog" from Zamzow's the other day.  The main ingredient is dried blood.  Um, yuck!  I'd stay away too, but not this animal!  AARRGG!!  I watched him out our bedroom window last night devour my precious green tomatoes.  I yelled, banged on the window, cursed, and minus throwing something at him, made a spectacle out of myself.  Oh I was so mad...I'm still mad.  Well, I'm sad rather.  Sad that I was looking forward to eating fresh, wonderful tasting tomatoes out of the garden.  Sad that my crop is being destroyed by a 140 pound beast.  Sad my taste buds won't get to taste the wonderfulness of my hard work because of a dog!!  Ah, any solutions/help would be appreciated...PLEASE!!  Just shy of shooting him (Steve's solution) I don't know what to do. 

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