Friday, July 1, 2011

He Knows What He's Saying

Ma-Ma's boy

Today was a laid back, quiet day.  I got a chance to clean my floors, bathrooms and make all the kids' rooms presentable.  It's funny to me the kids' idea of a clean room.  Toys, books, stuffed animals, and clothes all thrown into this corner and that corner.  That's their definition of a clean room.  As long as the "stuff" is hidden, it's clean.  Today was no exception.  I had my work cut out for me in those rooms.  I love the look of a clean home, especially when it smells clean too.  Who doesn't?

Today is a monumental day for me as a mother.  Lucas uttered Ma-Ma.   I know what I've said prior, regarding their first words before the age of one, and the association they supposedly don't have, but I want to point out several things.  

1st - Lucas was uttering Ma-Ma more than once throughout the day.

2nd - After the Ma-Ma extravaganza, he would look right at me and smile as big as he could.

3rd - He just knows what he's saying, alright?

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