Friday, July 1, 2011

I Know, I Know...Coupons...Again

I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it, just as Steve is.  But put a smile on your face, nod, and say, "that's awesome", just like Steve does about seven times a day.

This couponing itch has been scratched!!  Let me give you a slight rundown of my findings/savings these past few days.

1st- Albertson's boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  $1.69 a pound.  Sale started Wednesday, I've already purchased 50 pounds.  I already have enough chicken to feed the family for over three to four months - all at an amazing cost of a tad over $80.00.  Enough said.  Other than the fact we're already sick of chicken.  :)

2nd-  Unbeknown to me, when you purchase $50.00 at Albertson's and use your preferred card, you get $.10 off per gallon of gas at their stations.  After every $25.00 spent, your savings per gallon goes up.  Yesterday we needed to fill the car up, so after buying more chicken, we fueled up.  With a savings of $.15 per gallon...$3.52 per gallon.  Costco, who usually beats everybody's price in gas around town, couldn't even top the deal I received.

3rd-  Fabulessly Frugal has a list of all of the amazing deals Albertson's, Freddy's, Walgreen's, Walmart, Rite-Aid, and Winco has for the week.  When you sign up, they email you nightly the stores' deals, which coupons to use in conjunction with the sales, and even out of the kindness of their hearts gives you printable coupons to such deals!!  Every evening after 7, I rush to the computer to view the day's deals.

4th- After reviewing Frugal's deals, I headed to Winco yesterday for our family's weekly groceries.  I had coupons in hand (over 15 of them) and shopped away.  My total...$32.37!  For the week mind you!  Normally I spend $115 to $125 a week.  Do the math...significant savings there.  Ignore the fact we'll be eating chicken every night, trying new foods we may not like (because I have a coupon for it) or the fact that we may gain a pound or two as a family because most of the food coming from coupons is just plain not good for you.  BUT, look at the savings. :)

In conclusion-  After careful consideration (as I'm writing this blog) I have realized saving money for our family while having a good time is priceless.  Well, it's actually money saving, but priceless in the fact that saving dollar bills while Ang gets a natural high...yes, priceless.
There are still many many more skills to aquire, but with practice, patience, and the "How awesome Honey" blurbs from Steve, this hobby will become easier.  I look forward to the day when I can say I've saved enough money from couponing that Steve can retire early.  Let's not get too excited Steve...this may take awhile.  Keep saving babies as you do, don't quit just yet.

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  1. I totally got on the "extreme couponing" bandwagon a couple years ago and even have a binder!! I have slacked off recently because I ran into the same thing: I was buying fruit roll-up, chips, and all sorts of processed food I normally wouldn't just because I had a coupon & it was a crazy deal. I am still trying to manage how to have healthy, fresh food WITH coupons instead of stuff that has a shelf life of 32.7 years. Good job joining the coupon craze & AWESOME find for chicken!! I'll be hitting you up for a run next week... (thinking about starting a mommy running group). I'll let you know. :)