Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lauren's Pool Party...F-U-N

Our morning neighborhood surprise.
Some of the party go-ers.

The party continues...on the couch!

The hero herself...Sarah.

Pooped out party girl.
Pooped out party go-ers.

We started the day off with a hot air balloon surprise out our back window.  Not sure if the pilot was navigating or it was the co-pilot's turn, but it didn't seem like either one knew what they were doing.  Regardless, thank you for the beautiful view.

Today was Lauren's 5th birthday pool party.  We had such a great time.  Friends and family joined in the celebration with swimming, cake, snacks, and soda.  Sugar, sugar, sugar was the main event.  All of the sun and swimming the kids encountered will hopefully counter act all of the sugar.  We had a small mishap in the pool.  While I was walking around snapping pictures of all the adorable kids, I hear Sarah yell at her son, jump into the pool (fully clothed) and snatch him up out of the water.  Apparently he was face down and not able to swim, on his way to drowning.  Dumb Ang thought he was just having a fun time swimming under water.  Guess we know if my kids are ever in an emergency, they'd end up in a not so good situation.  Sarah was the hero for the day...even though two paramedics/firemen were present.  :)  We finished up the party with opening up presents, eating yummy cake, and enjoying spending time together.  Thank you all who attended and for making Lauren's 5th birthday so memorable.

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  1. Thanks for the invitation and I'm glad we could make it! (despite the unfortunate event). Everyone's alive and well. Next time we'll have a life jacket on! May Lauren be blessed (as well as you and Steve).