Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lucas = T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Our first crop of exciting!

Little stinker.  Wondered why he was so quiet.

Quiet day in the house today.  Lucas and I went on a walk around our subdivision with our neighbor Heidi and her two kiddos.  I got to map out where I'll be picking my flowers for my future arrangements.  Some houses had wonderful flowers!  Just wait till dark, run up on their lawns, and snip away.  I'll wait till Steve comes home.  I don't want to take Lucas with me, he might cry in the stroller and give me away.
Then Lucas and I had our friend Jamie stop by with her two kiddos after lunch.  Had a nice visit with them.  As they were leaving, we went out to the garden.  Jamie's kids spotted our very first pickable zucchinis.  I was so excited!  I know within the next week I'll have to get creative with how I prepare them.  Do you think they would taste yummy dipped in chocolate?  Only if they're fried first I'm sure.

While I was taking a shower today, I placed Lucas in the bathroom with me.  I made sure the toilet lid was down, there were no open doors for him to escape out of, and no cords for him to chew on.  I did however forget to shut the door to the toilet, but more importantly, the toilet paper.  He had a field day as you can see.  What a stinker!

Looking forward to Steve coming home tomorrow.  As much as our pockets need the overtime, it's always much better having him home.  We miss you.  Hurry home, I might make some zucchini bread.

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