Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time For That Gate

He finally made it it past the first stair.

Lucas' buddy.  He loves his big puppy.

What a busy, great day.  Julie came home from a slumber party and we all headed to Walmart to get Grandma Gail flowers for her birthday.  Then we met at the best Chinese restaurant in town...Twin Dragon.  Yummy!  It was a wonderful birthday lunch.  My parents and me, the four kids and my brother.  It's been way too long since we've had my brother present for family gatherings.  
After lunch we headed to Costco, then to Winco.  By the end of all the shopping, we had several, "I need a nap" meltdowns.  We headed to our oasis...home.  

As we were getting ready for dinner, Lucas decided he was going to climb up the stairs by himself.  He sure got a good start.  I had informed my aunt about the new milestone.  I told her it was time for a gate because I didn't want him falling and hitting his head on the way down.  She quickly gave me a remedy for that...a helmet.   I got a good laugh out of that solution.

After dinner, we made brownies.  The girls and I replaced the oil the recipe called for, for applesauce instead.  Somehow that gave my brain the okay to eat three brownies vs just one, or better, none.  The applesauce magically erased all of my caloric guilt.  Now to solve my caloric dilemma...dream of running!

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