Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Visit To the Tooth Doctor

Looking cool in the chair.

The whole gang with clean teeth.

The prize drawer...this may take awhile.

Lucas' sexy sleep pose.

This morning the kids had a dentist appointment.  We love going to see Dr. Cheryl.  While in the waiting room, we ran into another fire family.  It was their twins' first dental visit.   We didn't hear any screaming coming from their room, so I'm guessing the visit went well.  Way to go girls!

The kids had pictures, their teeth polished, and their favorite part...the foamy flouride!  I used to work for Dr. Higer, so it took everything I had to not want to clean their teeth myself, but I didn't want to be "that mom."  I did however snap away with the camera.  Yeah, I remember when moms in the past would take pictures.  Oh really?  Is that necessary to do?  Well, now becoming "that mom", yes, it is necessary.  I have a blog that requires pictures   :)  Happy to report no cavities.  Happy to report the children have never had a cavity.  I guess the head locks I put them through daily to brush and floss has paid off.  Lucas' first tooth has finally broken through.  YAY!  He received his first toothbrush today...Winnie the Pooh.  I took it away from him earlier tonight.  Screams and a full blown tantrum broke out because of my choice.  Glad to know he likes his toothbrush, unlike his siblings.  

Tonight we're headed to the pool for a bit with the Desilet girls...oh yeah, and their lone boy.  Both of our hard working men are working some OT tonight so we thought we'd capitalize on some fun while the fire slayers slay away. Gonna miss you boys at the pool.

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  1. Thanks again for hosting us... even though we brought the storm with us! LOVE your place - feels like home. :) Tell Steve he NEEDS to have a housewarming bbq!!!