Thursday, August 18, 2011

11 Months Old!!

His new haircut.

Happy 11 months old!

Today Lucas is 11 months old!  One more month till the big day...his first birthday!
To celebrate his 11 months, Steve and I gave him a haircut.  It makes him look like such a big boy.  He cried a bit when I had to hold his head still, but other than the slight cry, he did fantastic.  

Tonight Kayla and her boys came over with pizza...thanks Kayla!  All of the boys played so nicely while her and I had mom's time.  Steve was happy to miss out on our conversation...he was hard at work in the shop.  :)

Steve and I are wanting to plan a trip to Northern California for a tour of the wineries.  I am excited to plan, let alone get to go on such a wonderful trip with my husband.  Bed and breakfast, wine tastings, amazing food, and perfect weather sound all too good right about...NOW!  We want to go sometime this next month, preferably late September, early fall time.  I'm hoping we actually make the trip by then; I can only imagine how beautiful it will be.  Or, we can say bag the whole idea and go to Vegas??  Nah, I'll hold out for a little bit of planning which will result in a perfect trip I'm sure.

As usual, Lucas is still fussing upstairs after I've read to him and rocked him.  I'm headed back up there to go cuddle with him, which will result in me falling asleep too.

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