Monday, August 1, 2011

20 Years of Life Together

Known this woman for 20 years!! We're getting old. :)

I received this picture today from Jocelyn.  She had our waitress on Saturday take this picture of us.  At least I remember it being the waitress.  ;)  I had to post it because I thought it was too cute not to share.  I wish I had a picture of when we first met...20 years ago.  We were 12ish when we met back in middle school.

We both have been through so much, together and as separate women.  Marriages, children, moves across state, tears, laughter, angry bouts of pre-adolescent girl fights, but mostly we've shared our hearts.  
I'm sure there have been times when she's wanted to strangle me due to the fact I was being stupid, about to make a terrible mistake, or worse, alter my life by some unthinkable choice.  She never did, she never has.  
We're not afraid to tell it like it is to one another.  As we get older, our issues with life seem to get larger, but our understanding for one another only gets even bigger.  
I've had my struggles with having open conversations about the choices she's made in life, but I've only given her the same in return, LOL.  As girls do, we have had ups, downs, and our sideways, but in the end we're still here.  Still connected.  I've been mad at her, happy for her, sad with her, and hopeful it somehow all works out what ever the dilemma.  It always has...I hope it always will.

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  1. Oh Ang that was so nice! And so true! You will always be my rock because no matter what happens I can always talk to you without fear of judgment or shame. We now know, with all our years of wisdom, that life is lived with human error and perfection is a farce. Only when we accept that we are human can we really live with peace in our hearts and realize that the love we give will always come back to us. Just like you and I- we have always been there for each other and that love and understanding is cyclical and unwavering. I don't know what I would do without you Ang; I'm just so honored and proud to call you my life-long friend.