Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Lucas is getting too big for the carrier.

Tongue war.

He sees his target.

Beautiful Lauren.

Yesterday we headed to my folks' house to have a birthday dinner for Colleen and Steve.
Prime rib and chicken were the menu staples.  Yummy!

Today Steve was at work.  :(  We ran errands rather early this morning. (all completed before 10am)
Anthony wanted to go to the Boy's and Girl's Club today, so I dropped him off.  The girls, Lucas, and I hung out at the house and did our chores.

Lauren was my great model today while I messed around with my camera...yet again.  I'm trying to learn the settings on my camera other than the auto mode.  Light, natural light at that, has so much to do with how your picture turns out.  The depth of your flash, even the steadiness of your hand can effect how your picture turns out.  I love the picture I took of her today...captures the sweetness I know is deep inside of her.

After dinner we headed to the pool.  Met another great family from our neighborhood.  She's a stay at home mom, he's a pharmacist.  She's just as passionate (or crazy as some would call it) about the speeders in our subdivision.  Finally, I met one as determined as me to get the speeders under control!!  Whether or not it happens, I have an ally on my side.  She told me that if I hear screaming coming from her house, it's her yelling at her kids.  I think Tammy and I are going to get along just swell.  :)

Lucas is in bed, the rest of the ice cream Grandma Collie brought over is eaten, and the kids are cuddled on the couch.  Looks like it's NetFlix time for us.

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