Thursday, August 4, 2011

Broken Vacuum

Deep in thought.
Steve and I got up at 7am this morning as usual.  Lucas had his bottle.  We headed outside to water the garden, flowers, and then trim up our bushes.  We ran errands all morning then we were back at home in time for lunch.

Steve spent his afternoon out in the garage building his "guy stuff."  I stayed inside and did laundry, cleaned up the house a bit and vacuumed.  Well, I tried to vacuum.

We received a wonderful Dyson vacuum from Grandma Collie last year for Christmas.  I hate to say it, but it has broken, bit the dust, no longer a very bad way.  The power button doesn't stay engaged.  For the last few vacuuming jobs, I have to push/pull with one hand, hold down the button with the other.  Pretty much it stinks and I'm not going to deal with it.  We headed to Costco tonight with Grandma Collie to return the Dyson and get a brand new one.  Yeah, sweet deal.  Everything was going smoothly.  The transaction went successfully well.  Cash in hand, we headed back to pick out our new masterpiece.  To our dismay, they no longer sell the model we returned.  We weren't willing to shell out over $120.00 for a newer model, so we went to Goodwood for dinner to come up with a new gameplan.  Walmart advertised their Dyson's in store for the cash we had in hand plus a tad extra.  Deal!  Headed to Walmart and they must have been lying.  The Dyson they had advertised was not there...LIARS!!

So here I sit with this dilemma.  Steve offered to purchase a central vac system for the house vs. a stand push vacuum.  I'm afraid I won't like the bulkiness of a central vac, then I'm stuck with this monsterous thing I'm dragging around.  I think for now, I'll take awhile to make up my mind.  Can't vacuum if you don't even have a vacuum!

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