Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cartwheels Galore!

Happy as always.

What?  He's too young to be doing that!

Don't leave your empty bottles around this guy.

The beginning...

The end!

Yesterday evening was too fun!  After dinner, we headed outside and set up our badminton set.  We sure got some exercise out of that fun activity!
After tiring ourselves out, we decided to give cartwheels a try.  Julie is learning...and so is Steve.  For some reason, don't know why, I figured this man knew how to do a cartwheel.  Well, I was wrong.  I had to show him.  By the end, he still landed on his bum, but was getting better with the follow through.  A little more practice and he'll get it for sure.

Today we're headed to the pool.  Friends are coming over to swim with all of our kids.  We'll have eight kids in the pool.  Get ready to have us take over!!  Then it's a lazy day until dinner with the family tonight.

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