Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cascade and Birthdays

Railroad track in Cascade.

Sweet Lucas.
Lucas and Daddy.

Yesterday was Steve and Colleen's birthday.  
Steve, Lucas and I headed up to Cascade for the day to hike Blue Lake.  We drove the hour and a half to our destination.  Such beautiful scenery and nice to see so much green...even in the heat of August.  When we reached the parking lot of Blue Lake, we realized we didn't have any bug spray.  Mosquitoes were everywhere!!!  They flew into the car, buzzed around us, and tried to set up camp wherever they could.  BUMMER!  We shut the door, got back into drive mode and headed into Cascade for lunch.
After lunch, home was our destination.  The drive back to Eagle was just as beautiful.

We met Grandma Collie at the house and we headed to Willow Creek Grill for dinner.  Love that place!  Back at home we enjoyed fabulous ice cream cake and a lot  of candles.  Another great year has come and gone and another digit added to their lives.  :)

On a side note check out:

This gal, Amanda, is our new neighbor.  She is the most amazing photographer I have EVER seen.  She and her husband just moved here from Minnesota and they are such great people.
Watch out Treasure Valley photographers...Amanda is here to take over!  

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