Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cone Head

Sun shining through the window created a cool shadow.

He's so embarrassed he won't even look at me.

It was a Mom's playdate today for Lucas and me.  We met at Kayla's house today with some other ladies to have Mom time while the little ones played.  Before you knew it, three hours had passed and it was time to head home for lunch and nap.  I love spending time with my girlfriends.  They seem to always put things into perspective for me.  They guide me with any issue I seem to be having, they encourage me to be the best mom and wife I know how, and the support I feel from them is beyond measurable.  I look forward to next week when we can meet again.  :)

Today I picked up Beethoven from the vet.  He had a small wound on the top of his head that needed to be looked at and cleaned.  Since he wouldn't let me nor the vet touch his wound, he had to be sedated.  While he was sedated, they shaved the side of his head, cleaned up the wound, and placed a lovely necklace around his neck so he wouldn't scratch it while it healed.  The vet also did some blood work and he has low thyroid levels.  Between the ointment for his wound, the antibiotics for his wound, and the twice daily thyroid pills he must take for the remainder of his life, I feel as though another child with many needs has landed in my lap.  Happy to make this big guy feel better, he's such a great dog!  
I was coming home from the grocery store tonight and saw this cone headed beast walking down our street.  I told him he needed to get back over in his yard, the other dogs will make fun of his necklace.  He didn't care too much at what I had to say.  He walked away, then finally decided to come home.  He takes his medicine great...or maybe it's just the peanut butter he thinks he's getting.  After about two weeks, the necklace should be able to come off and he gets his blood checked again to see if the thyroid medication is where the dosage needs to be.  We are to expect vibrant behavior coming from him within the next several days due to this new medication.  It will be fun to have his young spirit back again.

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